[Video] Paying it forward with Jeff Lenosky

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Simon Silver

Santa Cruz California
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“For the past several years I’ve been working with Can’d Aid as a Treads + Trails Ambassador with my focus being on working to get more kids on bikes. Since Can’d Aid was founded in 2013, we’ve donated over 2,800 bikes to underprivileged children! This past April I toured California and performed riding demonstrations for over 6,000 kids, sharing my message for a positive lifestyle. The culmination of the tour was a bike donation with Can’d Aid to an entire first grade class of underprivileged kids. A few days later my van was broken into and I had $25,000 worth of bikes, computers and camera gear stolen. The response from the bike industry and fellow riders was overwhelming and so appreciated. Many people offered to help me track down my stuff and others offered to donate new gear or cash. I politely declined the offers because I started to envision the opportunity for this nightmare to become a positive experience. I just needed some time to sort everything out and get back to...

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Trransition Sentinel
Ho visto il suo video nella scuola, grande Jeff, ora hai la mia stima come persona, oltre che come biker.

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