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XTR and Deore XT Questionnaire and Lottery
Since last autumn the new XTR group is available, recently followed by the Deore XT using a similar technology. Besides a spectacular finish, extremely light weight and top-level performance, the XTR group features Shimano’s new Dual Control Shifting technology, Hollowtech II crank-set and Center-Lock Disc Brakes. Even so a lot of professional teams are using these components successfully, it’s now time to hear the opinion of the cyclists world-wide. Means we want to hear your personal idea and feeling about these new systems.

Your comments will be a very valuable input for our us.

And of course you will not fill this questionnaire for nothing. Amongst all people who complete and return the questionnaire we will make a raffle of the following prizes:

1 complete XTR Group with disc brakes, wheels and pedals
3 sets of XTR tubeless wheels
5 pairs of Shimano Shoes SH-M221 together with a pair of PDM959
8 pairs of XTR sunglasses
10 sets of XTR cycling wear (shirt, pant & gloves)

Just tell us what you really think, tell us your expectations for the future and maybe you’re the lucky winner……………
Don't worry, it won't take long, will be around 15 to 20 questions only (depends on to the selections you do).

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